An Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation, ICF), consultant and trainer
with 20 years’ experience working in the third and corporate sectors, and academia.

I am passionate about human power and helping people to achieve growth in their personal and professional life. I adopt a hands-on, collaborative style of coaching where I work together with you to create change. I facilitate a process of enquiry and discussion to help you gain awareness and clarity regarding a situation or a topic, which will then enable us to make progress in some way.

Being coached at various challenging stages of my life and career, I understand and appreciate its immense value. Through these personal journeys, I have experienced first-hand awakenings by exploring my internal mind; awareness, presence and alignment; I have found inner balance, a deeper understanding of who I am and ultimately, solid ground and wisdom.


Coaching is increasingly acknowledged as something that makes a positive contribution to business goals, life improvement and wellbeing. It engages people personally and professionally, for at the heart of coaching is an awareness of our basic interdependency as people and the need to support each other. Coaching does not assume you are broken and need to be fixed. Rather, it assumes you are well and whole, and it seeks to clarify your values and then help align your life with them.

I believe the relationship between the coach and the client is a dynamic one, in that we both transform the journey, but we are transformed as well, as part of the process in our awareness and understanding and in feeling empowered; we incorporate ourselves into this transformation by adapting and evolving all the time. Coaching is not a term or a model – it is a dialogue-based approach, a coming together of minds to shed light into your thoughts, beliefs and values.

Coaching looks forward, not backward; it addresses you as a whole person, your physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual self.
Coaching encourages learning and development, performance improvement and personal growth and change; improves confidence, resourcefulness and emotional maturity.
Coaching helps people to develop and learn in ways that enable them to achieve what they really want, be it a specific goal or an idea they want to explore for themselves or professionally.
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my model


I implement a process of enquiry and discussion, by listening, questioning and offering summaries, observations and feedback, to help you gain increased clarity regarding a situation or a topic, which will then enable us to make progress in some way. I will support you as an individual (or in a group set-up) to decide on ways forward, by facilitating decision making processes and by encouraging action taking.  I begin by making connection and defining the context to help you in your professional and personal journey. By understanding and relating to you, my role is to guide your journey. I draw from my psychology background to facilitate the process and at the same time to create this mutual relationship where we both grow. I use different approaches and techniques to further the dialogue so we can agree the first steps and actions.


Nurse Practitioner

Thomas is a superb coach. His friendly and inquisitive mind-set enabled me to open up and discuss many aspects of my work and general life struggles. Reflection doesn’t come naturally to most and Thomas’ sessions really helped me to look objectively on what I was doing and what I really wanted to achieve or change for the better. Thank you!

Photographer & Writer

Thomas is an excellent coach. He is very sympathetic, supportive, non judgemental and inquisitive, always offering (very useful) alternative narratives to my feelings related to work/life struggles. His listening skills are superb. Thomas knows so well how to make coaching sessions very personal, effective, engaging and even enjoyable. I can’t recommend him enough!

Occupational Health Consultant

I have been running my Occupational Health consultancy since 2015. Running your own business has its challenges and it’s a full-time job remaining focused and on top of the day to day demands that are presented to you. Working with Thomas exclusively engaged in a professional coaching relationship was invaluable and transformative. I gained a stronger sense of professional awareness and business confidence that allowed me to define and direct not only my business objectives but also helped me redress my life-work balance. I would highly recommend not only coaching as a positive influence but Thomas is an exceptional coach.

HR Director

I’ve been feeling for some time that I am at the crossroads in my professional life, so I decided to seek professional coaching and advice.   From the very first coaching session, I felt that Thomas really listened to my needs and understood what my issues are.  I find his approach very thoughtful and supportive. Through very targeted inquiry, Thomas has helped me identify what is holding me back, helped me examine my own thinking and has led me to a sense of clarity that I hadn’t expected would emerge so quickly. He has made me think about what I really want from my future career.  He has challenged me to think holistically about my life and I feel I have a much clearer vision and direction now.

I find him to be very motivating and encouraging.   I would recommend Thomas very highly, I think anyone considering a career change or simply feeling stuck in their life will benefit from his coaching expertise.

Graphic & Web Designer

I  worked with Thomas through a very critical time in my career that involved taking some decisions about what to do next. Thomas not only helped me clarify my goals and intentions but also helped me see some recurring patterns that hindered my personal and professional development. With his guidance and support I managed to make a career change working now successfully as a freelancer. it is a move which I wouldn’t have decided upon without his guidance. Thank you Thomas!

Sales Executive

Having a coach really helped to inspire me and keep me motivated to go after my goals. Thomas made me feel at ease right away, and comfortable to be very open with him. He helped me work out what my values are and what is important to me, and he motivated me to brainstorm plans for my future, and act on them. I was able to make the decision to go after and accept a new job offer. I was nervous to approach for coaching, but so glad I did! Thanks for everything.


30 Sep: The problem with the problem

Is a problem still a problem even when it’s not perceived as a problem by us? We look at how our emotions and reactions influence and impact others via emotional contagion (Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors). This article also explores the notion of Emotional Intelligence, and our abilities to manage and regulate our own emotions and to notice and understand how others are feeling; and how we use it in reasoning and other cognitive activities.

28 May: Labels – barriers or empowerments?

Whether we are given one or self-define ourselves with one, labels come with positives and negatives. Ok, we all know that labels are for jars, but let’s face it, humans like labels. We love ‘boxing’, labelling, categorising, ourselves and others. Check out my article about labels and try the exercises to help you raise awareness about your own labels and to change a behaviour.

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