25 May: YOUR C***ID-19 Chronicles – PART III

After my 2nd LinkedIn post asking your own experiences about the future of your job after COVID-19, I am collating here and sharing some insight and possible answers and support to your replies. Your replies showed how uncertain we all are, especially in regard to returning to work after the lock down.


23 Mar: Turning a blind-eye into a seeing-mind

Our blind-spots prevents us from seeing beyond our own viewpoints. This article discusses how we all have blind-spots and how coaching can support awareness and ultimately give the person a different perspective that they don’t see and that can, successfully, impact on performance and productivity.

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27 Nov: Stereotypes & unconscious biases

It is clear the we are all geared up with ideas and stereotypes that makes us biased whether these are conscious or not. Stereotypes are our beliefs about groups and we use these to make sense of the world. The less we know about a person or a group, the more our stereotypes mislead us. Stereotypes are more accurate when we have direct experience of a group.


24 Sep: The notion of wholeness beyond Gestalt

It is well known that the notion of wholeness in Gestalt is vital, not only in its focus on the person as a whole entity (one cannot be separated into organic parts or from their environments) but also in reference to the person becoming aware and integrating the various aspects of their mind and body toward growth.


10 May: The ‘hummingbird’ type of coaching

Hummingbirds are nature’s more agile flyers among birds. They are capable of not only sustained hovering flight, but also fast forward flight and various rapid manoeuvres. Like a hummingbird, a coach hovers over and uses the same multi-motion flight technique to gain better view and visibility to facilitate the journey.