Leadership & facilitation
Recognised as an astute leader, team builder and a natural and skilled facilitator; I understand group dynamics and I have experience in facilitating focus groups, forums, deliver training amongst others. I have found these to be gratifying and stimulating experiences especially as I adopt a contributory role. I have extensive training in leadership courses with specific focus on change management. I appreciate and utilise a structured approach to change with emphasis on the impact this has on people and how they move from a current situation to the new one, either as individuals or as a team.
Engagement & evaluation
I have played a key part in the strategic approaches to engagement, by designing and implementing quality standards, self-assessments, feedback and evaluation systems that include all stakeholders in the process. I have devised and developed the systems and structures to elicit feedback in all aspects of organisational operation, which include focus groups, consultation forums and all-inclusive methodology.
Robust business and marketing acumen and broad experience in generating business leads and external collaborations and to get involved in marketing, generating new initiatives and liaising with a wide range of stakeholders.
Communication & analysis
Perceptive and analytical, through my academic and research appointments, skills in researching, exploring, investigating, analysing data and studying new trends, sit robustly within my key strengths. An excellent communicator confident to engage at all levels and with large and multidimensional and multinational audiences. I enjoy public speaking and writing.
Solid equality and diversity values and attitudes, my working ethos is underpinned by dedication, integrity by listening and focusing on strengths, by providing purpose and focus, by incentivising and rewarding, by being positive and honest, and by trusting each person to lead and take ownership of their own work and life journey.
Leader & Team builder
Marketing acumen
Perceptive & analytical
Strategic engagement