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Lesley Wilson Associate

Thomas Doukas, Coaching, Consultancy, Training
About me

My personal experience over three decades and three careers; surviving as a working parent; living through organisational change and office politics and dealing with the frustrations of inequality in the workplace – all of these experiences have shaped me into the coach I have become today. As an advocate of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of life, I invite clients to discover more about themselves in order to make fully conscious choices and work authentically towards each individual’s unique set of goals.

My coaching style

I work with clients to help uncover hidden strengths and to open up new possibilities.  I help clients challenge themselves, listening deeply to hear core insights, and using questioning, creative and intuitive techniques so that together we discover a client’s unique path in life and work that allows them to:

  • stay true to self;
  • find purpose and meaning;
  • continuously learn and grow.

Clients make shifts of understanding that unlock possibilities for their future and see how to use their own unique capabilities and what they can achieve.

M: +44 7860 568 581