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Neal Taylor Associate

Thomas Doukas, Coaching, Consultancy, Training
About me

My personal experience as a leader and coach, has focussed on strategy, marketing and business transformation within global B2B organisations. Last role as Director of Transformation for a technology start up with aim of delivering rapid scale up and growth. Recognised for people skills with career being underpinned by a commitment to supporting people reach their full potential and enjoying a truly fulfilling career. Success within roles evidenced by growth, efficiency savings, innovation & venturing track record plus highly positive feedback from teams, peers and executives.

My coaching style

My coaching style is driven by the need to create a trusting, safe and confidential space for the client so that they can be fully transparent and open. The focus of the coaching sessions is on supporting the client in generating a deeper level of self-awareness, on a specific business issue, through active listening, straightforward challenge and a range of creative techniques aimed at facilitating new insights. The client will develop different perspectives and ideas that will lead to new options and action plans underpinned by the clients core beliefs, strengths and authenticity.

I have received a number of recommendations from my client base emphasising trustworthiness, a straightforward approach and bringing creativity and clarity as key coaching plus points.


M: +44 7768 034 858