working together

Working together – Individual or business services

I currently work both with companies and businesses and on one-one basis. Here’s how I can help.

Businesses & Teams

Working with your business, we will jointly create bespoke programmes for your company to further development through your leaders with coaching and/or mentoring training, consultancy and full implementation of a programme. My focus is on leadership and performance enabling the leaders to build on their own efficiencies, optimise management style, manage their teams resourcefully in order to generate more business. I work in a way that practices universal engagement to embed a work culture to promote work ability, productivity and lifelong learning. My approach stimulates motivation, collaboration and communication growth to achieve result-focused initiatives and solutions for your business.


Individuals (1-1)

Working with you, I draw from my psychology background to facilitate the process and at the same time to create this mutual relationship of trust. To this end, I am using strong communication skills and different creative approaches and techniques to further the dialogue. My focus will be on your wellbeing and together will follow your own itinerary to optimise your journey. I offer collaborative guidance to boost your self-esteem and confidence be it to maximise your professional potential (e.g. career opportunities, individual performance, communication skills, motivational speech) or at a personal level (better work-life balance, health and enjoyment, learning objectives).  Whatever it is, this is the time to address it and accomplish yourself as a whole person. My coaching style will provide a creative space to help you explore your thoughts; learn and grow; realise your goals and to reach full potential.

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